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Tree Service

All Phase Land Clearing offers complete residential and commercial tree services in the Grass Valley area. We specialize in all of your tree care needs. The preservation of your trees is so important, not only for beauty but most importantly, for safety. Tree trimming is an excellent way to eliminate dangerous branches that pose a risk to your safety and structures. Our team specializes in the removal of those hazardous and dead trees that are overhanging your home. We have several methods to remove trees whether it be a crane, rigging, or felling. The removal of trees will help establish adequate spacing and provide the defensible space that is needed to help protect your home. In Grass Valley, tree removal is an important part of property care. When your trees have adequate spacing, this will promote a much healthier stand of trees. They will now be receiving adequate sun, water, and nutrients. With our highly trained professionals and our state-of-the-art equipment, we are prepared to handle all of your tree care needs. We offer a complete chipping service where all of the materials will be recycled back into the earth. Providing both residential and commercial tree services for the Grass Valley area.

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What is included with Our Tree Service?

We specialize in those very technical, hard to get to trees that need to be removed.  Our highly qualified tree crews work with each customer every step of the way with your projects.  Our number one goal is to leave your property in pristine shape once your project is completed.

What are the Benefits of Tree Service?

Removing hazardous trees away from your home or structures will let you sleep easy at night during hazardous winter storms.  This will also create the defensible space needed for your home and structures during the fire season.  The proper tree trimming and shaping will allow your trees to have the ability to be as healthy as possible.  With our removal process, we perform the utmost quality of work from start to finish.  There is not one step ever overlooked.

What sets our Tree Service apart from the others?

Customer care is our number one goal.  We operate with complete honesty and integrity.  We offer very competitive pricing, guaranteeing the best quality job for your project.  Every aspect of your project will be completed professionally in-house.  We are set up for all phases of your tree service needs.  We will not be subcontracting any phase of your project.  The state-of-the-art equipment we use for our tree services and clean-ups sets us apart from the rest.  All of the slash is recycled and put back on the earth.

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What Do You Stand to Lose?

It is very important to take care of those hazardous trees around your home and structures.  We want to help protect your safety and your largest assets.  Not removing those trees that are too close to the house, really puts you in a bad position in the high-fire season.  You want to be prepared for winter months when high winds and saturated ground can present a major problem.

Our Tree Service Experience.

Our team has 20 years of experience in tree service.  Our company and all of our members are ISN certified.  Our timber fallers and climbers are ARCT line certified.  Our heavy equipment operators are certified as well.  We have the equipment and the skills to complete your project professionally and with quality results.  All Phase Land Clearing provides both residential and commercial tree services.  No job is too large or too small.

All Phase Land Clearing

We understand choosing a residential or commercial Tree Service in the Grass Valley area isn’t easy.

We are here for you with every step of the process of your tree removal and tree trimming needs as we understand it can be very overwhelming.  We want to alleviate your concern about any phase of the project through open communication.

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