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We offer the Grass Valley area custom logging for both residential and commercial properties. We encourage the healthy development of a properly managed forest. Selectively thinning your forest will promote a much healthier stand of timber, decrease wildfire hazards, and will aid with insect infestation. We will assist you with the optimal logging plan to suit your logging needs, whether it be a harvest plan, a modified harvest plan, an emergency thinning plan, utility exemption, or your exemptions for fire protection around your home or structures. We also offer 3-acre conversions for your new commercial building, new home, or agriculture needs. Our staff is highly trained in all phases of logging from start to finish. We use state-of-the-art equipment on all of our projects. When it comes to clean-ups, we stand alone by using masticators or large chippers. We recycle all of the materials back into the earth. For thinning trees and logging services in Grass Valley, call our team at All Phase Land Clearing.

Tree Service

All Phase Land Clearing offers complete tree services for both residential and commercial. We specialize in all of your tree care needs. The preservation of your trees is so important, not only for beauty but most importantly, for safety. Tree trimming is an excellent way to eliminate dangerous branches that pose a risk to your safety and structures. Our team specializes in the removal of those hazardous and dead trees that are overhanging your home. We have several methods to remove trees whether it be a crane, rigging, or felling. The removal of trees will help establish adequate spacing and provide the defensible space that is needed to help protect your home. When your trees have adequate spacing, this will promote a much healthier stand of trees. They will now be receiving adequate sun, water, and nutrients. With our highly trained professionals and our state-of-the-art equipment, we are prepared to handle all of your tree care needs. We offer a complete chipping service where all of the materials will be recycled back into the earth. Whether it is tree thinning or logging, our Grass Valley team will take care of your tree service needs.

Land Clearing

All Phase Land Clearing offers a wide array of land-clearing methods for residential and commercial projects including, forest management, vegetation management, lot clearing, new construction, post-wildfire clean-ups, and reforestation. Reforestation is our number one goal. We have state-of-the-art equipment including, masticators, excavators, and chippers. We also provide a large hand crew for terrain that is not accessible for large equipment. We are staffed with highly trained professionals to achieve all of your land-clearing needs.

Emergency Tree Service

We offer the Grass Valley area 24/7 emergency tree service for both residential and commercial properties. We have highly trained crews and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to remove trees or limbs that have fallen on structures, or trees that have fallen across driveways or roads. In the event of a strong storm, if a tree is lifting from the root plate, there are popping sounds due to high winds, or there are visible cracks, these trees are posing an immediate threat and will need to be removed. Our crews are highly trained in removing these hazardous trees with cranes, rigging, and felling. We will help you every step of the way working with your insurance company during these stressful times. For emergency tree services in the Grass Valley area, please give us a call. Our emergency contact number is 530-559-2584.

Get Fire Safe

We offer both commercial and residential defensible space clearing and fire protection services. Creating a defensible space around your home or structures will have the most impact against wildfire. We provide logging to get adequate spacing for your larger trees and away from your structures. The services we provide for defensible space include vegetation management, reforestation, fuels reduction, lot clearing, and 100-foot defensible space around your home and structures. With our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we will help achieve your fire safety goals. We use masticators, track chippers, and chippers to mulch the material from your project which is then recycled it back into the earth.

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