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Our company offers custom logging for both residential and commercial properties. We encourage the healthy development of a properly managed forest. Selectively thinning your forest will promote a much healthier stand of timber, decrease wildfire hazards, and will aid with insect infestation. Our Grass Valley team will assist you with the optimal logging plan to suit your logging needs, whether it be a harvest plan, a modified harvest plan, an emergency thinning plan, utility exemption, or your exemptions for fire protection around your home or structures. We also offer 3-acre conversions for your new commercial building, new home, or agriculture needs. Our staff is highly trained in all phases of logging from start to finish. We use state-of-the-art equipment on all of our projects. When it comes to clean-ups, we stand alone by using masticators or large chippers. We recycle all of the materials back into the earth. All Phase is a trusted company providing logging services for Grass Valley.

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What are the Benefits of Logging?

Thinning out your forest will create a much healthier environment for your trees. Your trees will grow to their fullest potential. Let us create the view you’ve always wanted. When devastation comes, whether it’s a fire or bark beetle, a properly spaced forest will be able to withstand the devastation. The value of the timber can get the project completed and money in your pocket. Whether it’s tree harvesting or an insect infestation in Grass Valley, our logging company will help provide you with a healthy tree environment.

What is included with Logging?

We have top-qualified timber fallers to place the trees exactly where they need to go. Precise heavy equipment operators remove the timber from the woods without damaging the healthy trees. At All Phase Landing Clearing of Grass Valley, tree harvesting is something we take pride in, and we ensure that every aspect of the project is guaranteed top-quality work.

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What sets Our Logging apart from the others?

Customer care is our number one goal.  We operate with complete honesty and integrity.  We offer very competitive pricing, guaranteeing the best quality job for your project.  Every aspect of your project will be completed professionally in-house.  We are set up for all phases of logging.  We will not be subcontracting any phase of your project.  The state-of-the-art equipment we use for our logging projects and clean-ups sets us apart from the rest.  All of our slash is recycled and put back on the earth into mulch with our track chippers and masticators leaving your property in a park-like setting.

What Do You Stand to Lose?

By not logging your stand of timber you are risking losing the whole stand to wildfire and insect infestation that can lead to total devastation. Don’t let fires or insect infestations ruin your Grass Valley company, let our logging company do the hard work for you to protect your stand. Waiting one more year could leave those hazardous trees leaning toward your home, which could spell disaster.

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We understand choosing a Logging Company in the Grass Valley area isn’t easy.

We are here for you with every step of the process of removing trees or timber as we understand it can be very overwhelming.  We want to alleviate your concern about any phase of the project through open communication.

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